• We are proud to offer the best prices to our internet customers, avoiding mediators and going direct to the user.
  • We reniewed our vehicles and the oldest is not more than four years old.
  • For your safety we offer free helmets for the driver and the pasenger.
  • We replace the vehicle in case of damage.
  • We deliver the vehicle to customers with the necesary driving lisence. If you do not show the driving lisence we will refund your payment but 10% penalty fees.

All drivers must have a driver’s license required and experience in driving on any of the category that want’s to drive.

Up to 50cc required AM category
Up to 125cc required A1 category
Up to 400cc required A2 category
Driver’s with A category are able to drive all the categorys of motorbikes.

For the ATV’s, driving lessons before 2013 are able to drive with B category. For driving lessons after 2013 must have the A category to be able to drive.

The customer is responsible for all violations of traffic and parking code. Fuel is not included in the rental price and must be supplied by the customer.
No insurance does not cover personal injury to the driver or passenger of the rented vehicle.

We do not refund:
If any vehicle have a problem during the rental period. ( money return, extra renting period)
If you make a reservation and no one appears.

The insurance does not apply in the following cases:
If the tenant is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other hallucination statements.
If the tenant leads contravening the highway code.
If the vehicle is used for racing, motocross or any other risky driving.
If the rental vehicle is driven by an unauthorized person of the rental agreement.
If it has passed the agreed date of the rented vehicle return.

Our company should provide technical support, so any vehicle damaged will be repaired / replaced in a short time.

Customer complaints always perceived with due seriousness on the continuous development of the excellent quality of our services.

In case of extreme driving of any vehicle or informing us by police or fire department the slient have to pay penalty of 140€
Vehicles with GPS tracking mode passing the terms will automaticly charge 
penalty of 100€ 

a) SECURITY TO THIRD PARTIES (STP) : Covers damage caused to other vehicles or people. The slient have to pay the amount of the damage like new. 

(Scraches means also damage and will be payed like new)

b) MIXED WITH SAFETY RISK (MSR) exept ATV’s : Covers the rented vehicle with an extra charge of 5 euro per day (depends on the vehicle) and gives a self risk of 200 to 300 euro (depends on the vehicle). Contact with us for more information.